In 2016 the winter solstice will occur in the Northern Hemisphere, on December 21 at 10:44 am Universal time, 11:44 am in Spain.

Etymologically «solstice» comes from Latin and means the moment when the sun (seemingly) stands still.

An instant of magic and illusory temporary suspension, which seems to fix the moment of his death, to reverse its direction, when we observe it from our perspective, as inhabitants of the Earth.

The winter solstice is the great natural symbol of death and rebirth.

It is the «Memento mori» (remember that you will die) by antonomasia, where all nature is collected mourning for the light that is the source of all life. To find in that death the germ of life that will sprout vigorously in the spring and will bear fruit in the abundant fullness of the summer solstice.

Light and darkness can not exist without each other, it is the infinite dynamic balance between opposites.

«In the middle of winter I discovered that there was, inside me, an invincible summer.»

Albert Camus.

Archetypically, the Sun is a symbol of your divine identity, of the Great Hero / Heroine that goes through all sorts of adventures on its annual trip, including the descent to the underworld that marks the triumph of light and the evidence that life always regenerates and Is therefore immortal .

Each of us is that little Sun that symbolically traverses the same cycle as the Sun (every year, but also in the totality of our life). In this way the sun shows you how to become the hero / immortal hero of your own cosmic drama.

Winter is, therefore, a time of recollection, energy conservation, reflection, spiritual practice and rebirth. Especially the day of the winter solstice is one of the most loaded moments of the year of symbolism and a beautiful opportunity to meditate on death and the succession of the cycles of nature. To grieve and say goodbye to all that «is no longer» in our life, as the days are losing luminosity and strength and also enjoy, the melancholy and silence of darkness anticipating the rejoicing that nature regenerates and that , In the end, life always triumphs.


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